Inspirations behind the Autumn Collection 2022

Autumn is one of the most sophisticated and graceful seasons of the year. With the leaves falling, to the cooler nights it is very special to us.

The collection was inspired from the sunny and fresh days in September to the cool and starry October evenings.

You can shop the full collection here: Shop The Autumn Collection

Below we have outlined the most anticipated socks for the season. From the simple and essential ankle socks to the more sophisticated socks such as the Sheer Cosmos Low Crew Socks and Float Rose Low Crew Socks.

Roll Top Plain Ankle Socks

Made with 46% premium cotton, with a classic design. You will want to invest in a pair of cozy and extra comfy socks that go perfect for any look.

The model above styles the sock with an open strap sandal, mixing together a bold pink and pale purple. A classic statement for Autumn.

Sheer Cosmos Low Crew Socks

Designed to stand out in the Autumn sunshine, the most elegant sock features detailed cosmo motifs with a sheer material. Giving you the ultimate style this season. 

Made with premium nylon, which has a perfect stretch to elongate your feet and feel velvety on your toes. Available in White, Matcha, Beige, Greyish Purple, Greyish Blue, and Black

Plain Crew Socks

The plain crew sock, (as seen above) is the perfect sock for autumn, crafted with a premium cotton blend, with a deodorising effect to keep your feet dry and clean throughout the day. There are so many ways to style, including colour blocking with trousers and skirts to pairing with smart shoes and trainers to create multiple looks.

Available in stylish colours including Lemon, Red, Charcoal Brown, White, Black and Navy.

Sparkly Panel Bicolour Low Crew Socks

These limited edition Sheer and Glittery socks are designed to elongate your legs and shine in the autumn sun. With a rich cotton and nylon blend these socks fit like second skin whilst elevating your style.

Colours include Forest Green, Mocha Brown, Burgundy and Black.

Float Rose Low Crew Socks

Blooming roses, is one of our favourites. With a blend of autumn colours including deeper and warm tones we have the perfect sock to style.

Made with the highest quality cotton making it extremely comfortable, probably to the point where you will find yourself wearing it more often than ever. With a feeling often compared to silk, the three dimensional rose pattern will make you stand out in the crowds.

Sparkly Leopard Low Crew Socks

Every year we see the Leopard print make its return, but have you seen sparkly Leopard print socks that are high quality and stylish. 

Created with premium nylon, these socks are perfect to coord with matching prints or to create a break from classic colours such as khakis, black and earthy colours this season. Even better styled with loafers and trainers. Nylon socks are an excellent material due to their properties, including a soft stretch to wrap around the feet. 


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