4 Tips About Baby's Socks

Do babies need socks? It’s common for babies to take off their socks and crawl or walk with naked feet. If you are a new parent or simply buying a gift for a friend, you must have wondered if babies actually need socks.

The answer is very simple, babies do need socks. Read this guide to find out why. 

1. Body Temperature

Adults are able to understand when their body is too hot or too cold, but that is not the case with babies. It’s harder for babies to regulate their body’s temperature. Feet are a delicate part of a baby's body,  as they tend to get cold very quickly, that’s why it is important to keep them warm with a pair of socks.


2. Delicate Skin

Growing up it’s fun! Crawling and learning how to walk are milestones in a baby’s life. During this fun process, a baby’s feet can get in contact with a lot of objects, however their skin is very delicate, that’s why it needs protection. Baby’s socks protect the delicate skin of your baby and the non-skid bottom of the sock gives an extra layer of security.

3. Warm Feet

Socks protect our feet indoors and outdoors, and that’s the same for babies! 

Socks will keep your baby cute feet warm and cosy when he/she is outside. 

4. Style

Socks are the finishing touch to any look and that apply to babies too. Tabio’s Baby Collection includes a series of incredibly adorable patterns in a super soft cotton blend sock.  Check them out, from the Irmack pattern to the Angel Wing baby socks for a classic cuteness!



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