5 Socks to Pamper Your Mum This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, now it’s the perfect time to get ready to celebrate and pamper that special woman in everyone’s life that spoils us everyday of the year!

Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated, but why not something more unique like a lovely pair of socks.

Read out more to find the perfect socks for a perfect gift!

  • Flowers 

Women love flowers! From romantic red roses to cute daisies, flowers bring joy and brighten the day. This year give your mum a bouquet of roses in a pair of socks. Tabio’s Float Rose Socks are covered in a three-dimensional rose pattern, it seems that the rose is popping out of the sock.


  • Sparkles 

Mother’s day is a party day, so make it sparkle. Sparkly socks are a Tabio classic! Crafted by the hand of artisans, sparkly socks are extremely soft at the touch and have a wonderful fit. These socks are extremely popular and they will make your mum shine even more than usual!

  • Tights 

Well, you never go wrong with a pair of tights. A classic and lovely gift, that is always appreciated. Why don’t you go a bit crazy with the colours with Tabio’s Colour Tights! You will find basic colours like black or navy, but even extravagant colours like plum, citron yellow, poppy or raspberry.

  • Personalisation 

Why don’t you make your gift a bit more personal? With our personalisation service you can! Choose a pair of basic socks and the text you want to embroider and your personalised gift is ready! 

  • Gift Wrapping

A gift is not a gift without a proper wrapping. There is no more perfect gift wrapping than a Furoshiki. A traditional wrapping cloth used to carry clothes, gifts and food, available in different patterns. The Furoshiki is not a simple gift wrapping that you can throw away after the gift is opened, but it is a sustainable gift wrapping that can be reused.


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