Top 6 Halloween Characters to dress as in 2022

Trick or treating is back this year! We have a selection of gorgeous socks and leg wear that you can flaunt this season. Whilst it’s tempting to opt for simple costumes, why not try out classic celebrity looks. Below we will list the top 6 halloween costumes in 2022.

The Joker -
One of the most iconic characters on television, movies and memorabilia. It's a simple outfit to create, all you need is a purple suit, tie and some face paint. Match it up with our iconic Joker Socks to create the perfect Joker costume.

Wednesday Addams-
We have seen so many dress ups from both adults and kids for Wednesday Adams, the simplistic goth style is easy to emulate. A simple black dress with either knee high socks or tights is all you need, along with 2 plaits on your hair to complete the look.

Although this costume is not so easy to create at home, it has been featured as the most popular costume to wear every year. Don't forget to wear comfy socks when you are out this halloween with this look!

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Harley Quin-
Everyone remembers the pink and blue hair worn by Harley Quin and her unique fashion style, the release of the popular movie Suicide Squad saw thousands of people dressing as her back in 2016 and her popularity for top halloween costume isn't going anywhere! We have a range of tights and fish net tights that will look great in this costume.

An all time favourite for halloween! there's nothing better that the black cloak and pearly whites. Our gothic tights look extra special for creating an iconic vampire costume. We also have a range of colour dernier tights for your comfort and creating special outfits, we really like the plum red and charcoal grey tights.

An all time favourite for kids and adults, and an effortless costume to create makes it a popular all time classic. Style with the witches hat, black cloak and black tights or even purple tights to create the perfect halloween costume.

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