10 Trendy Sock Options for Ladies with UK Size 6-9

Finding the perfect socks that fit well and complement your style can be a challenge, especially if you have feet size 6-9.

Whether you prefer cozy, athletic, or fashionable socks, we have got you covered.

In this blog post, we will explore ten sock options that are not only comfortable but also cater to the specific needs of ladies with feet sizes between 6-9. Get ready to step up your sock game.

Sheer Fine Dots Low Crew Socks L

This lovely pair of sheer low crew socks are made from the finest blend. Covered in a fine dots pattern with a roll top, these socks are perfect with a pairs of open shoes, like sandals. A must in your Spring wardrobe.

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Front Tulle Ballerina Ankle Socks L

There is nothing more elegant and simplistic as sheer socks.

Featuring a gorgeous tulle design around the upper ankle and an embroidered pattern across the foot making it a perfect sock to stand out this season.

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Silk Catechine Open Toe Sockettes L

Feel luxurious in our premium silk sockettes that will give you the ultimate comfort. Crafted with 81% silk that is made from protein fibre in silkworms, is known to be smooth, soft, lightweight and moisture-absorbing.

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Lyocell Fine Sockette M

A popular style of socks for the women's range this Spring/Summer. Knitted from engineered lyocell, these no-show socks will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Instep part, knitted longer to protect you fee from the rims of your shoes.

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Victorian Print Low Crew Socks

Limited Edition:

Our best-selling print socks are now back with this gorgeous vintage floral print. 

Inspired by the art of floral wear often worn in the victorian and Edwardian time periods. Featuring an array of gorgeous flowers with a romantic twist. Bold and full of life, the colours are a perfect spring/summer blend.

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Cafe Kitsuné Top Line Crew Socks M

Socks in collaboration with Café Kitsuné. Cotton socks with two American style stripes on the edge of the sock. A classic style that can be matched to a wide variety of styles.

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Plain Tabi Fine Crew Socks

A new pair of crew socks in a tabi shape. Made with a high percentage of the finest cotton, these socks are thin and extremely comfortable. A new product for this Spring/Summer season. 

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Kozue Collab Washi Pile Tabi Socks M


Our premium Tabi socks are designed in collaboration with Japanese model Kozue Akimoto.

Crafted in Japan from a premium washi blend. We recycle Japanese paper and repurpose it into a well-structured material that is stylish and comfortable. With a short length that pairs well with trainers, loafers or tabi shoes.

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Rainbow Toe Short Socks M

Brighten your day with our Rainbow Toe Short Socks!

Elegantly crafted with 95% cotton, they are extra soft and comforting for your toes and feet.

Pair with sandals, smart shoes and trainers for a vibrant touch.

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Racing Run Nano Grip Toe Socks M

Made from a high grip fabric, that helps prevent the misalignment not only between the socks and the shoes but also between the socks and the sole of the feet. Extremely comfortable for runners, these socks have an antibacterial and deodorant function. A recycled polyester is used to make the socks more sustainable.

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