Simeon Farrar x Tabio


Simeon Farrar x Tabio

Simeon Farrar x Tabio is a collaboration project between Tabio and Simeon Farrar, a London based designer. 

Simeon Farrar has been a painter for 10 years, before launching his label in February 2004. His men and women collections are stocked all around the world in prestigious stores. 

His clothes are inspired by his early paintings. Every collection has a philosophical root and the drawing and designs grow from that to a finished and  unique piece of clothing.

The socks are made with Tabio’s high quality print technology, which gives clear details of the artwork. Made in Tabio’s factory in Nara, Japan, the design is printed with our printing machine in a plain white cotton sock, then the sock is placed for 12 minutes in a steam machine to settle the print.

The collaboration focuses on four different and distinctive designs.


Mini Teddies Flame 



 Bubble Logo

Teddy Tie Dye



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