Tabio x Able art company

Tabio Socks x Able Art  Company

Able Art Company x Tabio is a collaboration project  between Tabio and a Non-profit Organisation (NPO), the Able Art Company.

The Able Art Company was founded in 2007 with the intention of giving people with disabilities the opportunity to work with art. 

“Unique paintings, humorous illustrations, and passionate books. It's all by people with disabilities. The Able Art Company was born to disseminate these works of art to society.

By commercialising the work and creating a mechanism that can be used as a design, it will be possible to easily access the art of people with disabilities.

Create new jobs for people with disabilities. We want to realise a society where everyone can live in their own way through art and design.”

This 2020 project  was born to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this collaboration. The theme was “Olympics/Paralympics” and “Japan”.

Let’s  now focus on all the different designs available!

Mt. Fuji

The artist of this pattern is Kasuga Kazushi, who lives in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.

The artist says: 

This design was inspired by the  most beautiful landmark of Japan, Mt. Fuji.

“When I was an elementary school student, I started attending a painting class after receiving the award for a poster I drew, and now I am still working on it once a week. The main themes are plants, still life, and people, and I draw with the motif in front of me. Draft with a pencil, then select three or more colours of acrylic paint without hesitation, mix them carefully, and apply them carefully as if sucking them into a drawing paper”.



The artist of this pattern is Kasuga Kazushi. The design was inspired by the daruma, a  traditional Japanese doll.

The doll is usually red with two white eyes.  The rule is that you make a wish and paint one of the eyes of the daruma, when your wish is achieved then,  you paint the other eye. The daruma symbolises perseverance and  it is embodied in a popular Japanese proverb: “Nanakorobi Yaoki” (Fall down seven times stand up eight).



The author of the design is Hideaki Sasaki, who lives in Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

The artist says: 

This design was inspired by the Awaodori, a traditional Japanese dance festival.

“At the facility where I usually work, I drew a favourite picture on the back of the calendar wrapped on the loom. I was surprised and delighted by the sensibilities of the surroundings, so that I could start drawing more happily. If you draw without looking at the picture, you will get a cute and rounded picture, and if you look at the picture and draw, you will have your own curves and patterns. When I'm drawing, I concentrate silently, show a serious and careful expression, and sometimes smile. While showing various facial expressions, he faces painting”.


Value Sushi

The artist is YOU, who lives in Osaka prefecture, Japan.

The artist says:

This design was inspired by one of the most famous culinary traditions of Japan: sushi.

“ The satisfaction of drawing a collection of different traffic signs and steel towers has become a prototype of his style in which many current guitars and cars are produced over a certain period of time. The "natural" line, which eliminates all drafts, has a single streak that makes you feel masculine”. 


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