Able Art Company x Tabio



Tabio Socks x Able Art  Company

Able Art Company x Tabio is a collaboration project  between Tabio and a Non-profit Organisation (NPO), the Able Art Company.

The Able Art Company was founded in 2007 with the intention of giving people with disabilities the opportunity to work with art. 

“Unique paintings, humorous illustrations, and passionate books". It's all by people with disabilities. The Able Art Company was born to disseminate these works of art to society.

By commercialising the work and creating a mechanism that can be used as a design, it will be possible to easily access the art of people with disabilities.

Create new jobs for people with disabilities. We want to realise a society where everyone can live in their own way through art and design.”

The 2022 project was born to celebrate the 12th anniversary of this collaboration. The theme is “the best technology in Japan” and “art like no other”.

Let’s  now focus on all the different designs available!


Picture of Facon

The artist of this pattern is Yamano Masashi, born in 1977. He lives in Nara prefecture, Japan.

About the artist: 

Nothings gives him greater pleasure than going to forests and rivers or visiting a festival. He loves watching and touching animals, insects and plants. Although, he has a talkative and impish character, his face turns solemn once he starts drawing. In 2006, he had occasions to publish his work and experienced activities of creative nature in Australia.


Honey Bee

The artist of this pattern is Kawata Yuya born in . He lives in  prefecture, Japan.

About the artist: 

He observes beauty when he discovers joy in designing things with colours and therefore, he emphasis the importance of colourful art. The art he creates with his disabled hands shows power and nervousness. He gets inspired by life around him such as animals and plants, by its forms and those things are an important influence that motivate him to be creative. Art is a way for him to self-express and he wants to keep creating art to make people smile and have fun.




The artist of this pattern is Aoki Yu born 1985. in  He lives in Nara prefecture, Japan.

About the artist: 

Since 2006 he belongs to the 'Dandelions' House Art Centre HANA'.

Unique animals, food and plants that looks like a symbol. Roots of this unique perspective came from his obsession with road signs and logos. He became obsessed with road signs after he came across them in a road sign book. While drawing, he plays with the canvas by lining up objects like a game.

His composed rhythmical art is stuffed with excitement.



Hand in Hand

The artist of this pattern is Otsuki Shuhei, born in 1981. He lives in Kyoto prefecture, Japan.

About the artist: 

He has been a member of "Pleasant Arts class" since 1989. Drawing is built in part of Otsuki's daily life. Every convenient moment is marked by another endeavour with the brush. Taking subjects from cherished things in everyday surroundings, he delights in the set sequence of cutting out and pasting, creating collages. He produces a distinctive and original style of work.




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