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KUNIKA × Tabio


Tabio has partnered with Kunika, a Japanese cookie designer and baker to create the ultimate food inspired legwear! Handcrafted in Japan with a premium nylon blend and a touch of glitter to make a special pair of socks. Perfect as a gift for you or loved ones.


Kunika is a renowned sweets artist, she has always had a passion for design and cookie making. Starting her journey at the Japanese Confectionery College. After graduation she begun training as a pastry chef at The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, she became independent as a sweets artist in 2014.

She specialises in crafting sugar cakes, icing cookies, objects for photo shoots and exhibitions.

In collaboration with Tabio, we have a fused together her unique sweets making designs and our excellent craftsmanship to create a beautiful pair of socks.


The Collection

KUNIKA × Tabio Wool Antique Socks


Introducing KUNIKA×Tabio Wool Antique Socks - The Vintage Elegance Socks represent a captivating blend of artistry and sophistication, adding a touch of glamour to your everyday attire.

This collaboration between KUNIKA and Tabio defines luxury, comfort, and style, making these socks a crucial accessory for those who appreciate refinement in every detail.Adorned with Art Deco embroidery in rich, deep tones, these socks are perfectly suited for the upcoming cooler season.

KUNIKA × Tabio Wool Botanical Socks

Presenting the KUNIKA×Tabio Wool Botanical Socks—a captivating fusion of artistry and sophistication that elevates your daily wardrobe with a touch of glamour.

The collaboration between KUNIKA and Tabio epitomises luxury, comfort, and fashion, making these socks an essential accessory for those who value refinement in every aspect. Embellished with Art Deco embroidery and fine, glistening threads that capture and reflect light, these socks offer a delicate yet enchanting sparkle, evoking the beauty of starlight on a clear night.