Our Factories

Why Tabio socks is made in Japan?

Our founder Naomasa Ochi’s passion was to promote ‘Made in Japan’ quality and to protect the tradition and power of Japanese socks technology now and for the future. 

In Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture - It is a major production centre for Japanese socks, and is also a distribution base for many knitters outsourced by Tabio. This land has been a production centre for Japanese cotton called "Yamato cotton". 




What factories make Tabio socks in Japan?

Tabio works collaboratively with multiple factories across Nara, Japan. 

Let us introduce you to the socks specialists who have many years of experience offering individual expertise and a passion for all Tabio leg wears.


Sekiya Knitting Corporation

Location: Kanshiba City, Nara prefecture / Founded in: 1953
A socks factory specialises in 100% double cylinders, which is a rare technology in Japan at this present time. The main production is women’s casual socks.


Daisho Corporation

    Location: Koryo Town, Nara prefecture /  Founded in: 1950

    They are a specialist in making women's socks with thick low gauge, standard thickness and middle gauge products. A socks factory that makes Tabio’s classic Fall/ Winter warm and cosy knitted socks.



    Happy Products Corporation

      Location: Kanshiba City, Nara prefecture /  Founded in: 1950

      A knitter that mainly handles middle gauge and high gauge of women’s socks, including the best-selling product, cotton blend plain socks. 



      Okahashi Textile

         Location: Koryo Town, Nara prefecture /  Founded in: 1963

        Amongst the Tabio Group, Okahashi Textile is a knitter who pursues only one product focused on special machines that knits Irmak and lace socks.



        Well Corporation

          Location: Koryo Town, Nara prefecture /  Founded in: 1961

          They specialises in low gauge socks which is a soft and gentle fabric. They produce both women's and men's socks.



          Wakoh Corporation

          Location: Kanshiba City, Nara prefecture /  Founded in: 1947

          They mainly manufacture high gauge socks, which is a thin and dense fabric. This factory produces men's business socks and women’s delicate socks.



          Who works in the factory?

          Tabio workforce is made up of many departments: Knitting, Toe Closing, Wet Process, Design & Development, Production and Quality Control.

           Tabio socks are carefully knitted with a focus on “Made in Japan”.

          Our finest materials, carefully woven fabrics, the dignity of the creator’s passion, the aesthetics, and the attention to detail - that’s the tradition of Tabio socks.