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What makes our Premium tights so special?

Our Tights are made from a delicate yet sturdy fabric

Tabio craftsmen use a combination of thin threads compared to those used in normal tights. We use high quality multifilament threads in our product, which make the premium tights gentle on the skin.

Sculpts your legs and stays in place all day

With a double knit structure that has threads at the front and back. They are soft and provide perfect elasticity and stretch, with sculpts your legs to create a perfect shape. The Ultra-fine multifilament yarn is popular due to its luxuriously density, making them comfy for all day wear.

Our Tights are 1.7x Smoother*

We conducted tests in our factory and found that the machine that quantifies surface roughness shows that the inner threads that are close to the skin in our premium tights are 1.7x smoother results than regular tights.

* KES surface roughness (unevenness) test results

* Tabio Nara Co., Ltd. Central Research and Development Office survey.

Perfect Coverage & Stretchy 

Compared to general tights, ultra-fine fibers are used in our tights to give them a luxurious feeling. Similarly our tights have an 18cm stretch compared to regular tights making them fit perfectly on your legs.

Tabio Dernier Range

30 Dernier Tights

Dernier 30 is a perfect for those who like a sheen coverage and clean style.

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60 Dernier Tights

Dernier 60 are slightly transparent, but still show the vibrancy of the fabric.

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80 Dernier Tights

Denier 80 is slightly thicker and provides more coverage.They are also warm and insulating.

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110 Dernier Tights

Dernier 110 are perfect for the cooler weather and are almost opaque. Features a matte texture.

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