Recycled material

At Tabio, we have been creating luxury socks designed for your utmost comfort whilst keeping in mind our impact on the environment.
Made with innovative Japanese materials and production techniques without compromising comfort and design. 
We have a range of socks made with not only recycled materials but also ethically sourced and best materials in Nara, Japan.
That includes recycled PET bottles, recycled wool, recycled yarns and wahi socks.

How is PET recycled?

Chemical recycling processes is especially suited to polymers formed by condensation reactions such as PET. However, the plastic must be fairly free from other impurities.The recovery of polyester materials such as PET can be accomplished using a procedure called hydrolysis. It is the reverse of the reaction (polycondensation) used to form the polymer in the first place, as the addition of water or water vapour to the process causes decomposition.Most plastic bottles are made from PET resin plastic which is 100% recyclable. Unlike high density polyethylene which is rigid and stiff, PET bottles are clear and lighter.

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Depending on the kind of socks, most recycled materials can be machine washed in low to medium temperatures (30-40 degrees) but we recommend you follow the specific care instructions. 
We also recommend turning the socks inside out and using a laundry net for a long lasting quality.
Dark coloured products may fade slightly, so please wash them separately.
Avoid using chlorine bleach. Avoid using the dryer and instead dry it in the shade.

Tabio Socks made with recycled material