5 Pair of Socks That Every Man Should Own

Many of you are wondering, What are the best socks for men? as experts in this field, we have an array of socks depending on your personal needs. 

The article below will look at 5 staple pairs that every man should own. 

Multi-Stripe Short Socks

Meet our bestseller, these striped socks are loved by you due to its rich cotton make and stylish appearance. They pair perfectly with trainers for a sporty style and with a range of colours, including our deeper colours they are perfect to match with smart shoes for the office. 

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Tabio Sports


Our sports socks range from running to football and even more! With the engineered lyocell which improves your grip and elevates your performance you will find a huge improvement in productivity.

All socks are crafted in Japan from a rich cotton / lyocell blend that gives you the comfort and endurance needed.

We recommend wearing these with comfy trainers.

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At Least One Pair of Dress Socks

Nothing beats supreme quality and comfortable dress socks for the office or special occasion. These light and smooth dress socks elevate any smartwear, giving you comfort and style. The pair shown here have 62% of the most premium cotton blend that pair well with smart shoes.

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Tabio Print Socks

Stand out from the crowds in unique print socks, our Limited Edition Japanese print and upcoming checkered print are perfect examples. Our print socks are crafted in Japan from a premium and sustainable dyes that make vibrant and eye-catching socks.

Style with trainers, boots or smart shoes.

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Personalised Cotton Socks

Personalised socks are a great way to showcase yourself, whether its a DOB your name or even icons, our in store embroidery machine can create timeless pieces for you. All at a low cost!

Choose from our range socks that can be personalised, our most popular pairing being the 100% cotton socks.

Pair with smart shoes or boots.


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