7 Styling Ideas You Can Start Wearing Now

So far 2023 has more focus on timeless, classic styles that are appropriate for everyday life, and not just for influencers. 

'Accessories can transform your classic outfit into a trendsetter'

Back to work has seen the power-shouldered blazer, paired with socks and heels to the bold colour block style. Find out below what the most popular socks and shoe styles that are expected to take off in 2023.

Socks & Heels

Court shoes are the most popular heel that pairs beautifully with print socks – the calling card of office workers in and around London. Glamour and bold prints are perfect pairings with a tall classic heel. 

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Comfort with Toe Socks

Bow down to comfort! With the cold winters and cold spring snap, many of you have reigned supreme and stayed indoors for more comfort. There is nothing better than crafted toe socks that are made with premium cotton to keep your feet dry and sweat-proof.

Toe socks are versatile, making them ideal to wear to work, at the weekend and with your favourite pajamas.

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Trainers & Short Socks

Missing the outdoors? with plenty of occasions to go out for a quick shop, running on the weekend or hitting the gym, our trainer socks have the perfect amount of stretch and cosiness.

Don't keep your style plain and take more risks in brighter colours, your friends will be impressed too!

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Sandals and No-Show Socks

After what feels like a lifetime of cold weather! we will soon appreciate the warmer and sunnier days. Along with that comes the essentials of protecting our feet whether on staycations or abroad.

One of this season’s most popular sockettes, which stays in place above the ankle and sits comfortably in your sandals to keep your feet away from unwanted sweat and moisture.

Style our bright or plain sockettes with stylish sandals.

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Colour Blocking

The rise of full colour blocking last year was sensational, instead of pairing reds and pinks why not wear all pink? 

We don't expect this trend to fade this year, and with brighter yellows, oranges and reds to come this summer to toned down colours in Autumn like purples and deeper shades.

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A more relaxed take : Legwarmers


The cold snap is expected to stay until late spring, with our 2 way legwarmers that can even been used for your arms, stay warm on your commute or days out. Legwarmers are perfect to pair with leggings or any type of trousers that is tighter around the legs. For extra coverage boots with legwarmers on top give you the extra protection needed.

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The Power Look: Bold & Smart

We love a smart meets casual look. The power coming from the bold yet classic ribbed socks that are paired with chunky loafers. The ’80s blazer is now back in and so are the loose trousers in cohord. – The bigger, the bolder, the better. This trend is perfect for both maximalists and minimalists alike, depending on how you choose to style it.

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