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Tabio Football Toe Socks

We have worked in the lab with many football players, including Japan League players, in order to create the best football socks for you to enhance your performance on the pitch. After many trials and errors, we finally succeeded in making this masterpiece: Tabio Football Toe Socks


What is the purpose of Football Toe socks? 

Have you ever experienced when you are playing football with intense energy and your feet keeps slipping inside the shoes making it difficult for you to play? This is a very common problem amongst football players.

Regular socks make your foot slip a lot inside the shoes and this constant slipping may lead to blisters on your foot which are quite irritating and they can be painful too. 

In order to prevent these problems, Tabio Football Toe Socks provide an extra grip between your foot and the sole of your shoes so that there is no slipping action and you can play with one hundred percent efficiency. Your feet will also remain safe from blisters. In addition, the tightly knitted toes and heels gives the socks high durability against friction preventing your feet from fatigue.

Thus, the purpose of Football Toe Socks is to enhance player's performances by keeping the foot locked-in in one place at the time when players make swift turns and change directions. 


How does Tabio Football Toe Socks work?


The voice of the developer

Leg Knit Chris Company - Knitwear manufacturer in Koryo, Japan:

Many players including Japanese professional football players have worked in our lab together to make the best football socks. While designing the socks, there were many requests from the players, such as ‘Durability is necessary, but we also want to minimise the discomfort of the feet’. These challenges cannot be solved by simply adjusting the thickness of the fabric… After many trial and error, it has become the current shape. 

Actually, it takes about 50 minutes to knit these socks. Furthermore, the 10 processes leading up to the finished product are manually carried out. Although, efficiency is a priority, these socks are player-first.

It is finished with a commitment that cannot be intimated anywhere. 

In football, I think there are many steps where you have to make swift turns, stop and move. Tabio Football focuses on that and develops a structure that creates ‘a sense of unity between the foot and shoe’ and ‘holding power’.

When you wear it you will feel a difference in ground moves. The quicker you can make a turn in a match, the more chances you have to pull your opponent away. These socks are created for all players who want to enhance their performance and ball control.


How to wear Football Socks

1. Wear the football socks and pull them up until it is wrinkle-free.
2. Put on a non-slip band and fold it back about half.
3. Wear the socks specified by the team from above.
4. It is completed by stacking the folded non-slip band from above.


*Please note that we do not sell non-slip band 

Grab a pair of Football Toe Socks and head over to the pitch and feel the difference: better traction, instant grip, increased comfort and fewer blisters!



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    Do your football socks come with the non slip band?

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