The Ultimate Freshers Guide to University

The back-to-school season is upon us, and while you're busy stocking up on textbooks and school supplies, don't forget about one often-overlooked essential: socks!

A good selection of socks can keep you comfortable and stylish throughout the school year. Whether you're a student gearing up for a new semester or a parent helping your child prepare, this guide will help you sock up for success.

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We have a handy guide below on what to pack and wear at University, socks edition!

Crew Socks: The Versatile Staple

crew socks university

men crew socks univeristy

Crew socks are the workhorses of your sock drawer. They're calf-length and come in various colors and patterns. Having a few pairs of neutral-coloured crew socks ensures you're ready for any outfit or event.

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Trainer Socks: Perfect for Warm Weather

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For those sunny school days when you need less coverage, trainer socks are your go-to choice. They pair wonderfully with trainers and are discreet under shorts or skirts.

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Athletic Socks: Get Active in Style


If you're into sports or active pursuits, investing in quality athletic socks is essential. Our Running, Football and Golf socks have moisture-wicking materials and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and dry, no matter how intense the game.

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Dress to Impress with Dress Socks

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dress socks

For special occasions or dressier outfits, make sure you have a collection of dress socks. They're typically thinner and come in solid colours or subtle patterns, such as stripes or dots. Black and navy dress socks are must-haves for formal events.

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Compression Socks: Support Your Feet


Long hours of sitting or standing can take a toll on your feet. Consider wearing compression socks to improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue, especially during those lengthy lectures or study sessions.

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No-Show Socks: The Sockless Look

no show

no show

When you want the appearance of going sockless while wearing trainers or loafers, no-show socks are your secret weapon. They offer the protection you need without being visible.

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