What should I pack for University? 📚 Freshers Week Edition

I can remember the time where I received my offer letter and was thrilled to start University, but immediately after I started looking for what to pack and bring on my new journey.

It can often feel exciting and overwhelming, going to a new place and living on your own. Sometimes it isn't until you get there until you realise the things you need the most are not the things you brought! and at the same time you can end up overpacking and bringing too much, to then having to give it away or send back home. Don't forget we offer students 15% off with Student Beans! Find out more here.

We have a handy guide below on what to pack and wear at University, socks edition!

Slipper socks

You may find yourself spending more time indoors, in your cosy room! Nothing beats the soft and velvet slipper socks that slide onto your feet and give you the extra comfort needed. An essential buy, our Chunky Ribbed Cuff Slipper Socks are made with a premium wool blend making it the best sock you can own as a university student.

Tabi socks

These socks are ideal for any occasion, strengthening the grip of your toes, Tabi socks are a staple product that give your feet the comfort needed when out all day.

No show socks

Loafers and moccasins are the perfect smart shoe to wear to class, however our excellent range of no show socks, from sheer to bright and vibrant can elevate any look.

Trainer socks

The reality is most of the time you will end up in trainers for those days on campus, whether in class or in the library, we have many socks that feature elegant sheer motifs, to bright and vibrant colours here.


As the warmer days start to shift, it becomes more important than ever to keep your legs warm and comfortable, whether you are looking for a colour block tight to stand out or a subtle skin colour tights, we have a versatile collection available for you.


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