Why should you try our Golf Socks?

An average golfer will take over 10,000 steps during a round of golf, so it's no wonder that your legs can feel heavy and tired at the end of the match.

Tabio's golf socks were created to elevate your performance and transform the game. With it's unique 3D structure and smooth knitting technique that perfectly sculpts the leg and foot, making it ideal for golf.

The compression effect in socks are scientifically proven to help reduce fatigue for your legs; which is also beneficial if you have suffer from leg problems such as varicose veins or painful calves. Our socks are handcrafted in Japan with engineered lyocell that is used to enhance sweat absorbency and create a deodorant effect to keep your feet dry.

Sport Golf 3D Crew Toe Socks

Transform your games in our professional Golf socks with our 3D crew socks that are crafted from a premium lyocell cotton blend. The ribbing effect ensures the socks stay in place whilst your are performing. Featuring toe separation to enhance mobility and agility.

Style with golf shoes for optimum performance.

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Sport Golf Stripe Over The Knee Socks

Our professional Golf socks are a versatile piece that is even used for Yoga. Made with a rich cotton nylon blend that is drying and stays snug on your feet whilst playing. Featuring a multi stripe knee-high cuff that provides added support. 

Style with golf shoes or trainers.

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Innovation Behind Golf Socks

"Awareness of your feet makes a difference in your shots"

Development Advisor - Takayoshi Morimoto

Golf is a sport that uses the body in an integrated manner. Among them, the balance when standing and the movement of walking are important. That's why we developed special socks. 

For Tabio Golf, we proposed an "ankle dorsiflexion promotion function" that promotes the dorsiflexion function of the ankle and makes it easier to walk. If you walk in the right way to avoid energy loss, your performance will improve and you will be less tired the next day. 

Another goal was to stabilize addresses. If the address is wrong, the ball will not fly where you imagined even if you make a correct swing. 

The balance of the body is taken at three points, the ball of the thumb, the ball of the little finger, and the heel. The "arch support function" that assists it makes weight transfer smoother. Please pay attention to your feet and feel the difference.

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