How to style in Pop Socks

Socks has played an important part in society, linked to social classes since its creation. Formally in the Egyptian empire who first designed the initial prototype of socks it has since revolutionised leg wear for the future centuries to come.

Pop socks, or stockings had become popular in in the 16th century after its popularity by aristocrats, who enjoyed the comforts of silk and cotton based leg-wear.

Today there is an array of pop socks that can be found in varying lengths. With ankle pop socks, to below the knee pop socks, there are so many choices to style them this season and beyond.

What makes pop socks unique?

Pop socks are designed to provide a sheer and snug fit around the feet and legs allowing the wearer more than just practical warmth, coverage, and comfort. They are also stylish and expressive, with heart motifs to a glittery look which enables you to express yourself.

They can fit any occasion to look romantic, formal, or dressed down depending on the look whilst giving your legs a skin like look.


Look Book

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