How to style socks and sandals

With the new term 'cozycore' being spread globally on social media and with influencers, it has been officially declared that we value comfort over anything else.

The pandemic saw us all shift from outgoing clothes to sweatshirts and leisurewear and this trend has still remained. Although many think that socks and sandals can appear as a 'cosycore' style, we would like to argue that socks and sandals can be as stylish or relaxed as you want it to be.


Why wear socks and sandals?

Why wear constrictive footwear when you can snuggle in soft cotton socks and strappy sandals, in an effortless sense of style that will keep your feet dry and clean all day.

Wearing sandals without socks, exposes your feet to all sorts of issues. Including ulcers, and friction between your feet and the shoes resulting in nasty and painful blisters that can leave behind scarring on your feet. The bacteria found outdoors and on your shoes is not something you want to bring indoors or into contact with any cuts on your feet which can lead to infections.

Additionally specialised socks, including cotton socks, toe bands and deodorant socks keep your feet healthy and dry. We recommend cotton socks that have been produced in a sustainable and clean environment, that are not dyed in harmful chemicals which can affect those with sensitive skin and dry skin. You should take care of your feet, to increase the longevity of your days walking and travelling outdoors. 

What is also great about sandals and socks, is the space you get in them. instead of your feet being squashed into heels and trainers that do not fit well, sandals are spacious and I would always size up on sandals when pairing socks for extra comfort.

Nothing is more simplistic than sliding into sandals before heading outdoors compared to having to tie your shoelaces and redo them throughout the day.

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