Why you should wear socks with Loafers: Mens Collection

Loafers are a staple in the workplace for many occasions, they are on the formal side which pairs well with a suit and smart wear. They even look better on casual days out or on holidays. But the real question is do you wear socks with loafers?

We will mention the benefits of pairing socks with loafers and how to style them correctly.

Benefits of wearing socks with loafers

Socks provide important benefits for your feet. One of the biggest benefits of wearing socks is that they help to keep your feet pain-free. Have you ever noticed after a long day without socks you start to notice a painful sensation on your ankles, heel or even under your toes. Wearing socks, especially socks with extra cushioned soles, will help to eliminate friction and stop blisters before they start.

Another reason to wear socks with loafers is to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Especially in the cooler seasons, your feet will start to feel unprotected from the weather. Investing in cotton socks will provide better circulation for your feet and help to circulate the heat across your feet.

One of the most essential benefits of wearing socks is to keep your feet dry, wearing socks without loafers puts your feet at risk of getting hot and sweaty creating the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria to thrive. Wearing loafers without socks, can often lead to an uncomfortably damp sensation from the moisture which can even damage your shoes!

How to style Loafers with socks

We are passionate about you finding the perfect sock to elevate your style for all occasions.

Wearing the right pair of socks cannot be understated. Neat socks attract a lot of compliments, because they are something you can mention without feeling awkward, unlike certain comments on our bodies or appearance. We always love to hear from our customers tell us about how excited their friends and family get when they receive unique and elegant socks as gifts.

A study by Bellezza et al., even discovered that "individuals who wear unique socks and other nonconforming fashion are more likely to be smart, creative and successful".

Below are some of the most suitable socks to pair with loafers.


100% Cotton Rib Socks

100% Cotton Ribbed Socks

Our 100% cotton socks with natural cotton are breathable and extremely comfortable. Made with the finest Egyptian cotton and are hand-linked for ultimate comfort. We also offer personalisation, with a range of patterns and name personalisation on our cotton rib socks. We also have a non rib version for a simplified style (100% Cotton Plain Socks).




One of our bestsellers with office workers due to the range of vibrant colours available from eye catching pinks and blue to more subtle tones for the workplace and formal settings.


Dinosaur Pattern Crew Socks

There's nothing more entertaining than wearing exciting prints and patterns in the office, with our elegant crew socks featuring dinosaur motifs. You will be sure to receive many compliments on your good sense of style.

Crafted with 75% luxury cotton they are a great pair of comfy and stylish socks for the office and workplace.


Plain Silky Cotton Mid-Calf Toe Socks

Toe socks are a popular choice in Japan due to the design which makes it breathable and extra comfy for your toes. Our plain cotton toe socks are silky and extra soft on your toes. Providing extra comfort whilst in the workplace. You will start to notice that the unique structure allows for improved circulation while providing dryness between the toes. 

Multi-Stripe Crew Socks

Our cotton striped socks have a reinforced toe and heel for comfort. Crafted from a 24% cotton-rich blend that's cool and breathable for your feet.

Making it the perfect sock for all-day use, whether at home or outdoors.

You can also personalise the socks adding name, date or a message with your embroidery design of your choice. Learn more about personalisation service here.


Premium Silk Banner Knee High Socks

Engineered by Japanese craftsmen, our Premium Silk Banner socks combine the luxury of pure silk with the comfort of modern technology.

We take the best of the two worlds of Silk and Cotton. Silk feels luxurious and soft on your skin; makes up the leg part. Cotton pile provides a perfect amount of cushion on your sole, protecting your feet by absorbing pressure from the ground in leather loafers.


Plain Comfort Fit Cotton No-Show Socks


No show socks or sockettes are perfect for individuals who are just moving away from wearing loafers without socks. They are hidden in the shoe to capture and keep the feet dry and avoiding bad odours whilst providing protection. For those hoping to keep their feet extra soft and velvety whilst protecting their feet in loafers, this is the perfect sock for you!

Made to stretch and conform to your exact foot, with the perfect elasticity and comfort for all day wear, these no show socks are a wardrobe essential for workplace settings. With a a built in deodorising effect that keeps your feet clean and dry all day.




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