Why are Reflective products so important?

As soon as August comes to a close, we notice how quickly it gets darker and the night seems to slowly become longer as the days pass.

The weather is however very mixed, some days are bright and sunny and others are cold, windy and darker. That's where we also start to enjoy those light runs or walks in the evenings which promote a healthier mind and body. Where do reflective products play an important role in evenings out?

The importance of reflective running gear and accessories

Ultimately, walkers and runners need a higher degree of visibility not only for themselves bit to product them from other risks such as cyclists, motorcyclists and cars that will also see a decrease in visibility, keeping you safe and protected on your evening strolls.

They are also an essential for many key workers in environments where visibility is very important and keeps them safe in warehouses and other areas.

Reflective or Fluorescent Products?

Reflective products are more effective than fluorescent clothing because it 'fires back light at the motorist'.

Reflective panels that are found on apparel and accessories will also further increase visibility, as they capture your attention and sensitivity is made towards a moving object.

Originally fluorescent yellow jackets and accessories were the norm and most popular products for evening walkers, runners, and workers. However new technologies have allowed us to recreate and introduce reflective products.

This also means that a blend of darker colours with reflective products can now be worn and yet still create improved visibility. The range of reflective socks are not only designed for its visibility but create and retain warmth that is essential when being outdoors on those cold evenings. Most importantly, anyone new or who frequently walks & runs at night needs to be aware of the dangers of darker conditions, especially children and vulnerable people who may find themselves a danger to motorists.


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