Tabio X Able Art 2023 Collab

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ABLE ART COMPANY was established in 2007 to empower society by people with disabilities,
who have a space to create paintings and artworks.

The designs are unique paintings, humorous illustrations, and passionate calligraphy. By creating a system that makes it easy for people of all communitiues to create artworks and use them as designs. Through art and design, Able Art are a recognised non-profit organisation (NPO) that aims to create a society where everyone can live their own lives.

Sales from the collection will be donated to Able Art to support disabled persons in the creative sector. This year marks the 13th anniversary of the collaboration with Able Art.

Our new collaboration in 2023, features art designs from three artists Koharu, Wancha and Maeda Kazuki printed on socks in collaboration with Tabio.  These unique and elegant designs are perfect for a gift or to elevate your wardrobe.

Collection drops Friday 14th July.

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