Top 6 Summer Fashion Trends To Look Out For

Although the weather in the UK isn't the best right now, we are expecting temperatures to rise in the next 2 weeks. Thus, it's time to rethink what you will be wearing in the summer, whether staying in the UK or beyond.

Read on to see the top fashion trends that are either already here or are coming very soon!

Flower Galore

We have seen a lot of floral wear trending since spring, but it isn't over yet! Upgrade your summer wear with a combination of 2D and 3D floral designs such as our classic flower print socks and oriental print socks.

Oriental Print Crew Socks

Victorian Print Flower Socks

Float Flowers Crew Socks

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Sheer Joy

Sheer fabrics have been an ongoing fashion statement, whether the met galas have anything to do with that we will never know! Pair sheer socks with tulle and sheer capes for an elevated look. Sheer socks create the perfect layering effect whilst adding a sense of sultry intrigue to a look.

Polka Dot Sheer Socks

Tabi Sheer Crew Socks

Side Panel Sheer Socks

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Sparkle Season

Don't limit sparkle for just special occasions, because you can also wear them in the daylight! Our new sparkle tights and range of sparkly socks are gorgeous and vibrant. Sparkly socks will put on a smiley face for you and others around.

Sparkle Ankle Socks

Fine Sparkling Knee High Pop Socks

Sparkly Crew Socks

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Boudoir Detailing

Lace is a sophisticated fabric that is versatile for any occasion. Whether you like a victorian or more modern touch you can mix and match these with anywear. Boudoir detailing is also at the forefront of eveningwear. All you need is a pair of heels and lace tights and you have yourself a perfect look.

Fantasy Floral Sheer Ankle Socks

Lace Stripe Tights

Rose Buds Lace Crew Socks

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Summer Black

An unlikely shade to dominate your wardrobe, however black is simplistic and elegant. Find yourself pairing a combination of deep blacks and lighter charcoal greys into your summer wear with contrasting colours.

Sparkly Ankle Socks

Roll Top Plain Ankle Socks

Torchon Fishnet Nylon Crew Socks

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Heart Motifs

Although Valentines Day ended back in February, with the rise of Barbie inspired wear everyone wants a cute and loveable style this season. Pair with baby pinks, deeper pinks and violets or keep it pastel. The choice is yours. 

Heart motifs were also spotted across endless runways in September, so why not start early with some stylish heart motif socks?

Heart Sheer Tights 20D M

Heart Pattern Jacquard Crew Socks

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