Trend Alert: When Did Red Socks and Tights Become so Widespread?

red socks and tights

This season shades of red are becoming more popular than ever.

From cherry stockings and crimson crew socks to sanguine thigh-highs, it's that precise hue of red.

The crimson wave has inundated Instagram, made its way onto TikTok, and even made appearances in my local coffee shop. While wearing red socks is not an entirely novel fashion statement, this oddly specific trend has ignited curiosity, prompting the burning question: Why?

Although red socks have been a part of the fashion scene for a while, their prevalence is on the rise. Menswear references are also abound. We saw the rise of Pink inspired from the Barbie premiere earlier this year but that has quickly shifted to all tones of Red, from vibrant to deeper colours. While Pantone declared Viva Magenta as the colour of the year, vibrant cherry seems to have taken center stage.

Recent runway collections from brand including Max Mara, Prada and other retailers including Zara and Mango have all embraced the colour in various forms. Tomato-themed fashion took flight, with colour blocking red shoes, socks, tights and clothing. The floodgates opened, and the pop of red, whether in the form of a cardigan, ballet flat, or an entire outfit, became a fashion essential. Red accessories, from bright red handbags to mohair cardigans, are currently dominating the fashion space.

However, as with any trend, there is often a deeper reason behind its resurgence. Many say that this red sock trend is a product of the 2000s resurgence.

The colour Red has a rich history in fashion, dating back to before the 1960s. Red dye was one of the first introduced across various cultures, carrying strong sociopolitical associations. In some Chinese cultures, wearing red socks is believed to ward off bad luck. In ancient Rome, religious figures wore red socks to distinguish themselves, a tradition that continues with the Catholic pope wearing red socks today. In Renaissance Europe, red tights and stockings indicated high social status, showcasing the wearer's access to expensive innovations in dyeing and weaving techniques, as well as their excellent sartorial taste.

How can you incorporate Red into your daily attire?

Start simple, with plain socks and tights before building your outfits. Choosing the same or similar tones of reds helps to create a matching ensemble. Mix and match with Cherry Reds, Brown and deeper grey toned clothing.


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