Why should you wear socks at home?

Our lifestyles have changed with more time in the home, it makes you wonder whether going barefoot is a good idea. Going barefoot at home for longer periods is not recommended for various reasons.

Walking barefoot at home for an extended amount of time can result in the development of foot deformities, this is from the imbalances in pressure that happen when you walk barefoot. Wearing socks at home alleviates this as it provides a cushion effect to improve your balance, when walking.

Some of the most common deformities include hammertoes or bunions (Hallux Valgus). One of the biggest problems with going barefoot in the house means that your feet will be directly exposed to germs and bacteria on the ground and even the possibility of stepping on sharp and pointy items, including glass.

There is nothing worse than this! which is why we recommend keeping your feet covered and protected indoors.


Socks for Hallux Valgus



Podiatrist Nelya Lobkva advises women who are 50+ to be be especially careful, as when you reach the early 50's you lose the fat pad which is found in the ball of the foot which diminishes the cushioning. This can affect your ability to protect  other ligaments and joints, including the hips, knees and even the lower back.

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Tips for wearing socks all the time


The infographic above shows the best way to wear socks at home. Change into a fresh pair each day and wearing socks at night has been found to improve overall sleep quality. 

Studies by the National Sleep Foundation found the leading cause of restless nights being caused by cold feet. When your feet are cold, they start to constrict the blood vessels causing less blood to circulate. Wearing socks before sleeping. helps give your brain a clear sleep signal that it’s bedtime.

Is there an optimal approach to footwear at home?

We have a range of socks to support your feet and keep them cosy all day. 


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