2022 Travel Summer Collection

Stay stylish and comfortable with our 2022 Travel Summer Collection! Below is a list of all the perfect socks to pack for your summer travels!


Compression Relax Toeless High Socks

Compression socks are specialised hosiery designed for wearers who travel long distances on flights and journeys where the user has limited movement of feet or legs for long hours.

The elastic compression garments are worn around the leg, compressing the limb which is excellent in reducing the diameter of distended veins and increases blood flow to your feet and legs on long-distance journeys.

Our compression stockings are specially designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, helping to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling.


Pink Nylon Socks

We have a range of delicate and eye-catching socks to emulate your summer look. Our sheer pattern socks provide a second skin comfort whilst displaying a vibrant and bold pattern keeping your feet cosy all day.

Go bold and vibrant this summer with exciting sheer pattern socks to vibrant nylon socks to elevate your look.

Our summer collection is versatile and can be styled with any shoe or sandal. We recommend our bold pink nylon sock with a matching pink heel in the evenings, whether at a bar or rooftop lounge.


Plain Open Toe Band

Made with premium cotton, these socks are extremely comfortable and essential for protecting your feet whilst on holiday.

We recommend pairing this with sandals and flip flips to fight against any painful blisters.

They have the perfect thickness for protecting your feet but not too thick for the warmer weather making them breathable and soft at the touch.


Plain Heel Fit Nylon Sockettes

Another essential is the nylon sockettes, perfect with espadrilles and loafers. Engineered with nylon, they are deodorising and dry keeping your feet clean and comfortable for all day usage.


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