3 Gift Wrapping To Surprise Your Loved Ones

If you’ve ever received a present nicely wrapped with a beautiful gift box, then you know the exciting, joyous feeling when unboxing the item to see what’s inside. It is truly a magical, full-of-surprise moment. There are many unspoken benefits of gift wrapping but the best of all, it is the expression of gratitude in the face of your loved ones.

Here are 3 different gift wrappings that will make someone feel even more special.

1. Gift Box

Tabio gift box comes with golden rubber ribbons for a luxurious presentation. White pearl colour boxes will suit any occasion. You can choose from 2 - 5 pairs of socks and we will pack them nicely for your special someone.

Available in 2 sizes.




2. Furoshiki

If you want an eco-friendly option, Furoshiki is perfect for you. Furoshiki is an amazing alternative for gift wrapping as it is reusable and does not create any plastic waste. We have a selection of traditional Japanese patterns and cute Sakura designs.








3. Father’s Day Gift Box

Here is a perfect way to be creative and add a unique twist to your gift box. We will pack 2-3 pairs of socks of your choice in the box. Socks that go in the middle will appear from the tie shaped cutout which presents a lovely suit tie effect. 

- Father’s Day promotion - 

As Father's Day is getting closer, we have prepared a FREE gift wrapping box for this special day. The box fits approximately two or three socks, depending on the thickness. 

*Limited quantity available.



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