3 Styles of Leggings for a Comfy Outfit

There is always an item in your wardrobe that you keep constantly wearing. Leggings are definitely one of those items. Whenever you prefer sports leggings or plain leggings, they are undoubtedly a staple item in your wardrobe due to their comfortability and their versatility to transform a comfy outfit into a smart one.

We have selected 3 styles of leggings for a comfy outfit!

  • Sports Leggings

Leggings are everyone’s favourite sports outfit. Comfy and extremely stretchy, sports leggings are becoming extremely popular as a daily outfit. 

The Jogger Pants Leggings and the Relax Cotton Leggings are made  from a high percentage of the finest cotton blend. Not too thin or too tight, these leggings are perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Specifically, the stretchiness and breathability of the materials make them a perfect choice for a yoga practice or a jogging session.

  • Loose Leggings

Sometimes we need to be comfy and smart at the same time, loose pants-like leggings are the solution! 



The Cotton/Linen Loose Leggings are made from the finest blend in a pants-style. Comfortable and breathable thanks to the cotton/linen blend, these leggings will keep you stylish and cool when the temperature rises.

The Ribbed Wide Leg Leggings are made from a soft composition. They present a ribbed texture and they have a loose and wide shape. 


Can leggings be pants? Well, that’s up to discussion, but loose shaped leggings will definitely add a smart touch to your outfit while still retaining its comfort.


  • Thin Leggings

Thin leggings are the most classic variation of leggings. Stretchy and comfy, this style of leggings shifts between pants-like and tights-like styles. Depending on the outfit you want to accomplish, thin leggings will definitely change your look.


Made from a rich composition with added stretch, the Cotton Mix Leggings can match your basic and smart outfits and can be worn throughout the year.

From their breakthrough in the 80’s, leggings have gone a long way. Leather-like leggings, jeggings or yoga pants are some of the different styles of leggings now available. They have been adjusted to follow a fashion trend, yet their comfortability has never failed to make them a staple item in any wardrobe.



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