5 Ways To Style Toe Bands

It's time for your pedicure! toe bands are back this summer and better than ever. There is nothing worse than a nasty blister when you get a new pair of round flats that are sock free.

Read on to find out 5 different ways to style toe bands for the summer ahead and beyond.


High heels are the easiest shoe to have difficulty with mobility and comfort.

There is nothing worse than the sharp pains that come with wearing heels, the challenging area can be the back of the heel and the front, tight bands or an uncomfortable material on the heel can cause discomfort.

Our lace toe bands are designed with a cushion underneath to support your feet.

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Co-Ord Flats

Match your footwear and outfit in the perfect Co-ord ensemble. All white looks are perfect for the sunny weather. We also have a range of pastel and neon toe bands that you can match to your shoes and entire outfit.

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Our plain toe bands are a perfect company to flip flops, a summer classic. They combat sweat and unwanted friction between your skin and shoe. We love this mix between beige flip flops and cream coloured toe bands.

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Strappy Sandals

Our thong toe bands are great for strappy sandals to contrast and keep your feet extra comfy. Toe bands keep your feet protected with the pile fabric that absorbs sweat during hot days. 

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Neon & Extra Toe Support

Our plain toe bands are also available in bright and bold colours, perfect to pair with any colour sandal or outfit. They give a unique appearance and style to open toe shoes and keep your feet protected from sweat and friction.

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