An introduction to Tabi Socks

Tabi is referred to as a typical Japanese worker's shoe.

The Tabi, can be traced as far back as the 15th century. Tabi are originally footwear that was designed with a split-toe design to promote balance through the separation of the big toe.

A holistic reflexology strategy that promotes a clear mind. It’s also considered to be connected to your sense of self, making it a perfect fit for all types of Tabi, including the sandals and general footwear.

At first, the socks were exclusive to the upper-class due to cotton scarcity, however nowadays, they have became more universally worn, and now you can too! 

Benefits of wearing Tabi Socks:

1) Promotes mobility and improves balance.

2) All day comfort.

3) Style elevation from regular socks.

4) Airism effect, keeps toes away from unwanted sweat.

Tabi socks are not all the same, the upper-class were known to have worn purple and gold, however commoners exclusively wore blue Tabi.

Did you know Tabi shoes are still worn by work men in Japan?

tabi socks

Although Tabi is very common in the East, the west are often perplexed by other people’s devotion to them. You might find them charming or you might find them pretentious. The thing is, you’re always in one of these categories.

Tabi wear can often draw reactions out of strangers and make friends for you, because when you see someone else wearing them, you will also want to try them out for yourself. The smallest details can lead to the most enduring results with our Tabi collection that is all made in Japan.

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Sheer Bicolor Tabi Low Crew Socks


tabi socks


These pair of sheer low crew socks are made from the finest blend in a tabi shape. Ideal for a casual look. When you use every aspect of your feet, as nature intended, your body gains more awareness and improves balance.

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Flower Float Tabi Socks


tabi socks


This pair of low crew socks are made from the finest cotton blend in a tabi shape. Covered in a float floral pattern. When you use every aspect of your feet, as nature intended, your body gains more awareness and improves balance.

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Food Textile American Rib Tabi Socks


tabi socks


 Our food textile socks are crafted from Organic Cotton. What makes these unique is that the materials that make the colour blend special are extracted from ingredients that food companies throw away.

We repurpose vegetables and fruits that would've gone to waste and create special dyes which are eco-friendly and human-friendly dyes. Available in Rose Red, Ginger, Matcha and more.

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Water Repellent Tabi Ankle Socks

tabi socks


Our Water repellent socks are made with 3 elements: a knit exterior sock, a waterproof membrane, and a knit interior sock. This gives your feet full coverage from wet weather and perfect for outdoor activities.

With a tabi design that promotes mobility and balance.

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Vertical Multi-Stripes Tabi Socks


tabi socks


Our vertical multi-stripe Tabi socks have a unique colour stripe pattern. Crafted in Japan from 62% of the softest cotton blend that feels like velvet on your feet. The Japanese Tabi style is known to improve balance, flexibility and movement in your feet. Style with trainers or loafers.

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Water Balloon Tabi Low Crew Socks


tabi socks


These fun and elegant tabi socks are perfect for spring!

The light and sheer material are breathable and super soft on your feet. Decorated with water balloon motifs that make it cute and unique. The tabi design promotes mobility and flexibility for your toes.

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Cotton/Cashmere Rib Tabi Low Crew Socks


tabi socks


Get ultimate comfort in our cashmere-blend tabi socks.

Tabi socks are perfect for users who struggle with their balance and are looking for a breathable sock with toe separation. Crafted in Japan from a luxurious cashmere cotton blend that is soft like velvet.

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