The Best Socks for Men to Wear in the Office

back to work

Socks can add a pop of personality to a professional outfit and also a conversion starter in the office!

Our back to work collection has you covered from essentials to keep you warm and comfy in the office, to office party staples.

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Chic Bicolour Mid-Calf Socks

back to work mens socks

Made in Japan from an 84% premium cotton blend that is soft and velvety. Features a 2 colour block that is stylish and trendy.

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Chic Wide Stripe Mid-Calf Socks

back to work

Upgrade your wardrobe with our multi-colour striped socks, with a trendy and vibrant touch. Crafted in Japan from a premium cotton blend that is airy, soft to the touch and provides a snug fit. The design is great for a formal/informal look.

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9x2 Ribbed Anti-Odour Mid Calf Socks

anti-odour socks

A Tabio classic and endorsed by our Chairman, this simple ribbed sock will change the way you think about socks forever. A sensational fit and comfort, covering your legs like a second skin.

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Top Lines Ribbed Short Socks

mens socks back to work

Slip your feet into something a little more cosy with these ultimate comfort ribbed crew socks with a bicolore top. Used 100% customised front yarn these cotton rich socks will also keep your footwear fresh.

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Mesh Side Line Short Socks

men mesh socks

The mesh construction also promotes moisture-wicking properties, swiftly drawing sweat away from your skin and facilitating quick evaporation.

This keeps your feet dry and odor-free, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic sock-wearing experience. The design features a side line and rich cotton blend for breathable socks.

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100% Silk Ribbed Knee High Socks

100% silk mens socks

Luxury ribbed high socks made with 100% silk. They are very thin and light but cool in summer and warm in winter.

Knitted very delicately to give you the ultimate comfort and style.

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Damier Pattern Mid-Calf Socks

office mens socks

These mid calf business socks are a great match in suits. Made from the finest cotton blend, the sock presents a beautiful damier pattern.

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Dot Mid-Calf Socks

dot socks

Our mid-calf socks are made from a premium cotton blend that fits snug and cosy. featuring a simple pin-dot pattern across the sock.

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100% Cotton Socks

100% plain cotton socks

100% Cotton Rib

Beautifully crafted, these socks use the finest Egyptian cotton.

These 100% Egyptian cotton plain low crew socks are particularly soft to the touch and have a wonderful fit.

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