Have you heard of Water Repellent Socks?

waterproof socks

Water repellent socks are excellent for running, cycling and all outdoor activities. The innovation led by experienced artisans and craftsman in Japan which constructed these socks with comfort and performance at the forefront.

Why wear water repellent socks?

It isn't just about maintaining dry feet that can maintain positive feet hygeine, but also keeping them warm. Water Repellent socks have multilayered structures that protect the outer and inner areas of your feet, keeping moisture out and a barrier from unwanted wetness.

Those who spend a lot of their time outdoors and with unexpected temperature and weather changes, the sock is perfect for all seasons and protected.

Our Tabi water repellent socks are breathable crafted from a premium cotton blend. The perfect level of thickness and multi layered to keep your feet dry, whilst providing you with a snug and cosy fit. After a long run or outdoor activities you will notice your feet are no longer cold and wet as compared to regular socks. 

Water Repellent Tabi Ankle Socks

Crafted with 3 elements: a knit exterior sock, a waterproof membrane, and a knit interior sock.

The tabi design that promotes mobility and balance; with the toe separation that increases flexibility and endurance in sports and outdoor activities. Best styled with slip-on trainers, regular trainers or climbing boots.

Available in 2 size ranges for both men and women UK 4-6 and 6 1/2- 9To prolong the lifespan of your socks, we recommend hand washing them in warm water. 

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