How To Prevent Sandal Problems

Summer is in full swing now which means sandals season is here. Sandals are everyone's go-to footwear for hot seasons. They're easy to style, comfortable to walk in, and they'll save you from what-to-wear moments when you're headed out for your first hot Summer walk of the day. 

On the other hand, have you ever experienced unpleasant situations such as stickiness, blistering, irritated skin and slippery feet when wearing sandals barefoot? Moreover, most of the Summer sandals have zero shock absorption, meaning your feet are taking on quite a burden all day long. 

… so how can we prevent these Summer sandal problems?

Keep reading to find out how we can help to make these summertime feet problems go away!


Leopard toe band

This toe band is designed with a separated toe pocket to fit any of your favourite thong sandals. They will keep your toes from chafing and they can prevent those horrible blisters that are oftentimes an unfortunate reality when you wear thong sandals. Not to mention the functional aspect, but it is also a nice way to change up the impression and design of the footwear!




Lace toe bands

Lace toe bands are designed with soft cushioning at the back that provides acupressure support to the sole of your feet. It can reduce foot pain that you may be experiencing like Morton's neuroma, while also making your high heels a whole lot more comfortable to wear. Not only do these toe bands soften the impact while walking and they make high heels more comfortable, but also these classic lace designs will be the perfect choice to elevate any Summer shoes. 




Plain toe band

Not a fan of bold patterns? Then, the plain toe band can be your go-to! The plain and simple design guarantee the variety and versatility that they add to your Summer sandal style. Equally chic and comfortable in warmer weather. Soft and fluffy at the touch, they are made with pile fabric that absorbs sweat to keep your feet smooth and non-greasy throughout the day.





Plain open toe band

This toe band is designed with a five-toe separation. This helps reduce bacterias to grow and it will keep your feet and toes drier than in traditional socks. When your toes are separated and your entire foot is utilised, it helps improve blood circulation which ultimately will reduce swelling. Say goodbye to summer foot swelling problems!




 Silk 5 toes half cover

In these warm temperatures, odour problems are very common that can affect anyone. This feet cover was co-developed with an authentic Japanese tea company called ‘Ito En’. Their aim was to create an anti odour effect product using catechin which is contained in green tea. By using catechin, it removes those Summer feet smells and keeps your feet refreshed. Additionally, silk is highly absorbent which prevents stuffiness in your feet and helps your toes to stay dry. You can also wear this foot cover as an inner socks to wick the moisture away from your foot and keep the outer socks breathable.




Lame Deodorant Toe Band

Fancy a little summer sparkle? Lame Deodorant Toe Band is the perfect way to show off your fashion style. A little bit of glam, a little bit of fun won’t hurt anyone right? The best part is, it is not only designed for a fashion statement but also provides feet protection functions, such as light cushioning on the sole of the feet and preventing your toe from rubbing to a thong sandal. Made with a breathable cotton blend, which eliminates the stickiness of the feet. They will go well with many sandal styles, heels and slides.




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