Improve your circulation with Toe socks


The benefits of wearing toe socks

Toe socks can support your feet and provide maximum comfort when travelling, on days out and for work.

Toe socks have been found to have a deodorant effect on the feet, keeping them cool and airy throughout the day. Additionally can be easily paired with sandals, flip flops to give you the best style and comfort this summer!


How to choose toe socks that suit the scene and purpose

Our toe bands are perfect for the warmer weather, keeping your feet dry and clean, most importantly protecting you from blisters and helping to avoid tired feet from long wear.

There are several colours that you can pair with shoes of your choice. To enjoy activities such as hiking, city escapes and more you cannot go wrong with our range of toe socks, which are sourced with the highest quality materials such as premium cotton to keep you active all day.

The Plain Low Crew Toe Socks and Lyocell Plain Toe Trainer Socks are best paired with trainers and sandals to support your grip when you are out on your daily activities.



The benefits of wearing Toe Socks in sports

Did you know that you can wear socks not only with shoes but without when playing your favourite sport?

Traditionally, distance runners wear toe socks to prevent blisters and to aid with sensory feedback. The connection between our brain and our foot can be strengthened as toe socks provide much more sensory stimulation. This is important as it allows the runner or athlete to focus attention to a proper toe push-off phase.

Toe socks are brilliant as they aligned you toes so that your body weight is distributed evenly. This allows your entire foot to be engaged as you walk they also aid in optimising the biomechanics of your foot, and the sensory loop between your foot and brain.

Our nano racing socks are perfect for indoor and outdoor activities by having each individual toe wrapped, the foot will overall be dryer and more comfortable than in traditional socks. This is essential for runners, football matches and even golf players reducing the likelihood of problems such as infections and odour.


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