Met Gala Review 2023: How To Elevate Your Accessories Through Legwear

The most anticipated season of the year! The Met Gala was last night and if you missed it, worry not. We have summarised the key looks and styles that are expected to stay this season and beyond in 2023.

The theme this year was to celebrate the exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, the gala honoured the legacy of Lagerfeld. Karl who created and designed some of the most iconic looks from high fashion brands such as, Chanel, Fendi and his own line.

View the Highlights below:

Mesh & Ruffle

We saw the emergence of several mesh and ruffle gowns, beautifully paired with heels and sandals. In homage to Karl Lagerfield's classic suit styling.

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Pindot Galore

Beautiful ball gowns with mesh and sheer pindots, were common at this years Met Gala. The sheerness allows for a light and airy coverage.

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Pearly White

There was an array or Pearly white gowns and accessories at the Met Gala. We love the wedding like style with pearls and shimmering wear. 

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The 3D embellished gowns were gorgeous and perfect to showcase spring fashion. You can upstyle with a mesh skirt or pair with jeans / trousers for a casual look.

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Victorian Lace 

We saw several celebrities including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Billie Eilish with sheer lace looks. Nothing is more of a homage to classic Chanel style than our elegant lace tights that pair beautifully with tweed.

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Satin Silhouettes

A more mature and classy style, the beautiful peach satin gown worn by Allison Williams at the Met was excellent. Our classic silk rayon socks can also elevate your dressy skirts and maxi dress.

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Metallic Glory

Along with the gothic looks, we saw shine and a lot of it. The metallic looks brought a new level or maximalism at the Met and created beautiful silhouettes.

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