Most Exciting Fashion Trends this Summer 2023


It's now the perfect time to talk about the most exciting summer trends for 2023!

The 2023 Summer fashion shows that took place, showcased a range or styles that are upcoming. Including vibrant and bold prints, to more subtle and sheer styles. 

'Bright colours, gawdy metallics, and bold 3D florals are highlights for this summer, amongst elevated basics and contemporary formal wear'

Invest in emotive and practical garments, that give you the effortless style this summer. Trends are showing a shift towards modern luxurious wardrobing and interesting, accessible tailoring to fit all lifestyles, which, after many seasons of high occasionwear, was refreshing to see.

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Below are the key trends to come:


There is a real distinct shift from revealing clothing that has populated recent collections. Even sheer textiles, which remain trending since spring are approached in an entirely different manner, more sophisticated and paired with jeans and sweatshirts in place of stilettos. 

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The complete opposite! sees an explosion of fun and colour and unapologetic maximalism!

We keep seeing the 80's and late 90's back into our wardrobes which we didn't see coming again. They may sit at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, however the sunny days pair well with bright and vibrant staple pieces. 

Pair with floating maxi dresses, skirts and jeans for a classic neon style.

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It's no surprise that a post-lockdown world is leaning towards showy and vibrant wear. Of course, print can be paired with more relaxed silhouettes, especially when it comes to denim.

A simplistic way to upgrade a plain and casual look with print socks that can take it to the next level. With the emergence of wide-leg trousers now trending and skinny jeans becoming less popular, a pair of crew print socks gives you the perfect pop of colour amongst good comfort and style.

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Colour Block

Fashion likes to work in extremes; we have seen the barbie pinks since Valentino have created beautiful colour blocking outfits.

Why not experiment with other colours? Our pop socks and premium colour tights can range from a sheer to full coverage effect that beautifully blend 2 colours in to create a maximalism style.

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Crochet & Knit

Fashion's fascination with knitwear and everything crochet, is not disappearing anytime soon! Crochet often returns when temperatures begin to rise, only this time around, it's less about tight purls and moss stitches and more about open, cobweb-like weave work. 

Our beautiful Torison socks are a good example, keeping your feet airy and comfortable for the warm weather.

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Floral wear, just keeps getting better.

Usually arriving in the early Spring and expected to be a key trend this summer. At the 2023 Summer fashion show, there was a plethora of pretty 3D floral embellishments across plenty of collections. They can be upstyled with pleated mesh skirts or styled down with casual jeans and ribbed maxi skirts.

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Metallics are back! although seen in many autumn/winter collections, especially for party season. For summer, we are seeing a surprisingly fresh range of shimmering gold and silver pieces has transformed the metallic trend into a perennial favourite.

Interesting metallics are a standout trend for the season, with our shiny metallic pop socks that pair well with a light trench coat and maxi skirt with a slit.

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