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As we face many challenges including, climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, loss of coral reefs & biodiversity, water scarcity. It has never been so crucial to rethink how we purchase and consume products. 

The fast fashion industries are no better when it comes to sourcing sustainable materials and also the amount of wastage from products that soon go out of fashion.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is made in a way which is most considerate of humanity and the environment, ensuring minimal damage as possible and working to create products without leaving a negative footprint.

The Benefits of Sustainable Fashion?

Recycled fibers that are used in sustainable fashion reduce pressure on raw materials and help tackle the growing problem of waste management. 

The global fashion industry as a whole contributes to a high percentage of green gasses emitted annually. This is due to the petroleum-base of materials which are produced from fossil fuels. Including polyesters, acrylic and nylon. These materials require more energy in the production process than natural or recycled fibers.

Sustainable brands tend to source more eco-friendly raw materials including Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Organic Cotton and Washi / Bamboo. These environmentally-friendly fabrics go easy on the planet and are amazing sustainable alternatives. 

Types of Sustainable Fashion


Cotton is highly dependent on water, but is usually grown in hot and dry areas where water is a scarce resource already.

Our Cotton is sourced from Nara, Japan. Grown in the fields shared by farmers who harvest organic vegetables annually. The Organic Sea Island cotton is a luxury and sustainable alternative to cotton grown from non-GMO seeds.

Food Textile

Our Food Textile collection, repurposes food waste that would have been thrown away to organically dye and create unique and long lasting socks.

This year we have sourced organic foods including, Blueberries, Matcha, Senburi, Rose, Ginger and Turnip to dye the socks.

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Washi, also known as traditional Japanese paper, is beautifully crafted, and reused in our premium socks to create a breathable sock.

The washi fabric has 1.3 x more moisture and water absorbency than Cotton. 
Moisture absorbent properties prevent the bacterial growth, and deodorizing effects come into play. Washi is a great anti-pilling material. No matter how many times you wear these socks, they will remain lint-free.

ECO / Recycled

Last year we introduced our PET recycled socks that reused plastic bottles to create avant-garde geometric sock prints. The 2023 collection will arrive after May 2023

Our ECO socks are crafted from recycled polyester and a NEP thread to create an entangled effect. Available in a variety of colours.

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