The benefits of Dry x Deodorant socks

What are Dry & Deodorant socks?

Using only the most premium materials, our range of Deodorant socks are designed by skilled artisans in Japan. The sole purpose of the deodorant socks are to keep your socks clean and dry all day.

The properties found in Lyocell socks have a moisture-wicking effect, keeping your feet clean and dry for all day usage. 

Other materials we use, such as nylon is a highly versatile material, highly recognised for its flexibility and thinness whilst being durable and tough. Its properties rival over materials in socks making it a first choice over many natural fabric options, including cotton and wool. 

Dry & Deodorant socks are crafted with a rich nylon blend which ensure that you are buying a premium product that will last for years. 

With its indulgently soft touch, natural resiliency and rich deep colour, nylon socks are engineered to improve the quality and life of the socks.

What makes these socks so special?

Throughout the day your feet accumulate sweat and bacteria which can be drawn into the socks, resulting in bad odours and risks of infection. Our premium nylon socks alleviate this by keeping your feet dry all day and clear of bad odours.

Additionally nylon socks are the most suitable wear due to excellent abrasion & wear resistance. We ethically source our materials and only work with reputable manufacturers giving you only the best materials and protecting your feet from long days out.

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  • No-Show Socks

  • Tabi Socks

Our socks not only feature a sensational fit and comfort, they cover your feet like a second skin. The Deodorant Plain Trainer Socks and Lamé Deodorant Toe Band are best sellers with our customers, soft to the touch these socks provide effortless style and keep your feet fresh all day.


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