Why You Need a Pair of Football Socks?

Now that the FIFA Men’s Euro's are ongoing, you may be wondering where you can get a pair of high performance football socks?

The right pair of football socks is crucial to protecting your feet whilst being the best in the game. So, from length to texture to extra support, here’s everything you need to know about Tabio's football socks.

Why you need a pair of Tabio Football Socks?

Built in Support

Football socks can be rather flat in the soles, which can lead to unwanted friction and blistering overtime, that's why Tabio football socks have built in support including arch support, ribbing around the ankle, extra heel cushioning, and Achilles protection.

The Length

Football socks generally come in either knee-length or crew-cut to protect the ankle skin from cleat blisters. You can also add extra shin guards to protect from falls. 


When picking out your socks, material composition is essential. We incorporate engineered lyocell which is used to enhance sweat absorbent/fast dry efficiency/deodorant effect in Tabio football socks.

The other materials include:

Cotton: Cotton is a soft and antibacterial material which is also perfect for retaining moisture. When combined with other features it becomes a perfect material for your feet, a cosy and snug fit.

Nylon & Polyester: Allows the material to be stretchy and a snug fit on the feet. Both materials have high durable features which makes it perfect for tight cleats and intense games.

Engineered Lyocell: Has a high elasticity which if perfect for high endurance sports. The moisture wicking properties helps avoid blistering overtime as well as decreasing the risk of Athlete's Foot. These pair of socks are also easy to wash and dry fast.

The Science Behind Tabio Football Socks

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