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With the rise of remote work, the way we dress for the office has evolved. Comfort and versatility have become key factors in our work attire. When working from home (WFH), legwear choices that balance comfort and style are essential.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through shopping for WFH legwear essentials that help you stay productive, comfortable, and stylish in your home office.

Toe Socks

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Comfort reigns supreme in the house, our toe socks have a high composition of cotton and are extremely comfortable.

Wearing socks indoors has unlimited benefits such as keeping your feet clean and soft. The toe design allows for more flexibility and also helps to improve your balance. Slip on the perfect pair of slippers with toe socks and it makes a special pair.

Leggings for Flexibility


Leggings provide unbeatable comfort and flexibility. Choose high-quality, non-see-through leggings that can double as workout wear. Pair them with oversized sweaters or tunics for a relaxed yet professional look. If you need to rush to the shops you dont need to change out of pajamas and ready to go.

Running Socks

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Working from the home can feel restricting at times, why not go for a quick run at lunchtime or after work. Our professional running socks are loved by casual runners and athletes for its excellent moisture wicking properties and snug fit on your feet.

Seamed Cotton Leggings

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Another pair of excellent leggings to add to your collection. Our seamed cotton leggings are designed for movement and comfort. They can be perfect for those days when you need extra flexibility, whether it's for yoga during breaks or quick stretches to relieve tension.

No Show Socks

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If you just want a subtle coverage on your toes, our no show socks feel invisible on your feet, yet keeping them covered and protected. Crafted with a silk blend that you can pair with indoor flip-flops or slippers.

Compression Socks

compression socks

Compression socks promote better circulation and can help reduce fatigue during long work hours. They're an excellent choice if you're sitting at your desk for extended periods.

Warm Fleece-lined Leggings

fleece lined socks

As colder weather sets in, fleece-lined leggings provide warmth without sacrificing style. Wear them with knee-high boots and an oversized sweater for a cosy yet professional ensemble. 

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