No-Show Socks

Elevate your comfort this Summer

Nothing beats wearing no-show socks in the hot and humid summers. They beautifully accomany any type of shoe from flats to trainers and keep your feet dry and sweat-proof.

With a variety of styles and comfort, why not invest in a pair or two this season?

Our no-show socks are crafted with nylon for stretch and breathability with a premium cotton blend that keeps gives your feet a soft cushion feeling. Upgrade your summer essentials with our versatile range of no-show socks and sockettes.

Our products are crafted and materials sourced local in Nara, Japan. With over 55 years experience in socks making, our socks are crafted with care.

We recomend washing at cool temperatures or handwashing for maximum usage. You can shop from neutral coloured no-show socks, to toe & tabi and more colourful designs for any occasion.

Benefits of No-Show Socks


No-show socks provide a layer of protection between your feet and your shoes, helping to prevent blisters, chafing, and irritation caused by friction. They also help reduce the chances of your shoes rubbing against your bare skin.

All-Day Comfort

No-show socks are made from lightweight and breathable materials, providing a comfortable fit. They cover the essential parts of your feet while keeping them cool and dry.

Combats Sweat and Odours

Wearing no-show socks helps maintain good foot hygiene by acting as a barrier between your feet and the inside of your shoes. They can absorb sweat and prevent it from directly contacting your shoes, reducing the risk of odors and bacterial growth.

The Collection

no show socks

A collection of no-show socks that pair well with flats, ballerina shoes and loafers.

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Trainer socks

Trainer socks that are hidden and keep your feet sweat proof and dry.

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Toe & Tabi

Our special toe socks that improve balance and mobility.

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Toe & Tabi

Our special toe socks that improve balance and mobility.

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