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Product Care Guide

  • Caring for Your Socks & Tights


    Tabio socks are made for long lasting all-day comfort. Proper care helps ensure the best experience.


    Basics on how to wash Tabio Socks


    • 1. Turn your socks inside-out.*
    • 2. Machine wash on gentle cycle in warm or cool water.
    • 3. Please wash in a washing net using mild soap; no bleach or fabric softener.
    • 4. Wash dark colors separately.
    • 5. Tumble-dry on low setting.


    * Turning your socks inside-out protects them from friction, allowing them to last longer.
    • † You can find specific washing instructions on each product’s packaging.


        Wool and Silk Socks Washing Tips

        We recommend using mild soap for wool and silk socks. Please lay flat to dry instead of tumble drying.


    • Lacy, Sheer and Delicate Legwear Washing Tips

      For lacy and delicate garment, we recommend washing the items in a laundry net to prevent from getting caught in the door seal, hooks and zippers of other clothes. 


      Caring for Toe Socks & Tabi Socks

      Through Tabio's production process, Toe Socks and Tabi Socks may have threads that stick out between the toes. However, these threads are not defective; they strengthen the structure of the toe socks and help to keep the socks durable. We advise leaving them as they are since cutting these threads may cause holes and weaken the integrity of the sock.