Cashmere is a natural fibre made from a goat that is super soft and velvety on your toes. 
Long considered to be one of the most luxurious types of wool in existence, cashmere is the perfect material for nice thick socks and legwear. 
Tabio's classic soft cashmere is designed to wrap your feet gently while keeping them warm. 
The characteristics of cashmere are soft, extremely lightweight and strong. 


You can use a washing machine, but hand washing or low temperature and low rotation cycles is recommended to maintain the soft texture.
Dark coloured products may fade slightly, so please wash them separately. 
Avoid using chlorine bleach. Avoid using a dryer and dry your cashmere socks lying on a flat surface.
*Washing at high water temperature or using a dryer may cause shrinkage.

Tabio Socks containing cashmere

04 Ivory
12 Black
25 Mocha brown
04 Ivory
12 Black
25 Mocha brown

011170137 Wool/Cashmere Plain Knee High Socks