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Growing up during the 90’s means that you were exposed to a massive amount of Japanese cartoons, usually called anime. While eating our favourite snacks, it was common to open the TV and watch a Japanese anime. Most of us have grown up with Evangelion, an incredibly famous anime of the middle 90’s that become a worldwide phenomenon.

If you have never watched Evangelion, then here  a brief recap.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where three artificial humanoids robots, known as Evangelion, were created to protect the world. 

Evangelion x Tabio is a new collaboration available now in our website. The quantity of each model is limited. 

The sock is made in a street- like design with a cursive “EVANGELION” logo on the base, based on the colour of Evangelion. The soles are made of pile fabric and support rubber is also included for your comfort.

Available in different sizes and in three different colours, red, purple and yellow.




Japanese Anime Socks

Continue to read and find out more about each sock and his equivalent Evangelion unit.

Colour Yellow -  Unit 00

Are you Evangelion Unit 00? 

The colour yellow of the sock is inspired by the Evangelion Unit 00. This unit is driven by Rei Ayanami, one of the main characters of the anime. Rei is a mysterious and reserved young girl. She drives a yellow coloured Evangelion.

Colour Purple - Unit 01

Are you Evangelion Unit 01? 

The colour purple of the sock is inspired by the Evangelion Unit 01. This unit is driven by Shinji Ikari, the main character of the anime. Shinji is a quiet and shy young boy. He drives a purple coloured Evangelion.

Colour Red - Unit 02

Are you Evangelion Unit 02? 

The colour red of the sock is inspired by the Evangelion Unit 02. This unit is driven by Asuka Langley Soryu, one of the main characters of the anime. Asuka is a brave and  extroverted  young girl. She drives a red coloured Evangelion.


Japanese Anime Socks


A special collaboration bag comes with every pair of Evangelion socks. The bag is quite big and can be used for holding different things, like for example your favourite Tabio socks! The Evangelion socks are made from the finest cotton blend, with a light compression in the ribbed part of the sock. Wear them with a pair of trainers or sneakers to enhance your  urban style. This is a streetwear sock, don’t let it loose, pull it up!

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