Why should Children wear socks?

Although being barefoot in safe environments can support children in developing muscles and ligaments for growth. It is best advised especially in the cooler seasons to invest in socks to provide protection and cover for children.

Ensuring children have good quality socks on their feet not only keeps them warm, but has multiple benefits for keeping your child healthy and comfortable.

The ultimate benefit of socks is to prevent foot odours. Children's feet sweat more than adults feet, which increases the risk of bacteria that can develop in the shoe and on their feet. Synthetic, plastic and rubber shoes can often exasperate this and create an unbreathable environment for their feet.


Cotton socks, help to keep bad bacteria and odours at bay by helping to absorb a large amount of sweat from their feet, rather than it circulating in their shoes barefoot.

This can help children to steer from feet infections, like Athlete’s Foot or fungi that can be spread in public areas. An important role that socks have for children is to protect them from injuries from sharp objects and unexpected accidents, including broken glass at home or when outdoors.

Lastly, although at the start there is a mention of how going barefoot can improve muscle development, toe socks are well known for improving balance and structure in feet, whilst providing all of the other benefits such as foot hygiene and protection.

Recommended Socks for Children


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