Facts About Face Coverings!

My grandma used to say that everything can become a fashion trend. Now, more than ever that is true. Fashion has always had the ability to transform something born from necessity to a fashion trend. Let’s take in consideration tights!

Tights are leg-wears, commonly worn by women, that cover your legs from the toe to the waist. They are usually made from elastic materials and are very tight. 

But this wasn’t their original purpose. Several centuries ago, tights were worn by European men. Utilised for horse riding, they used to be close fitted and not tight. 

This is only one example of the many clothes that today we normally wear, but that came to be in a completely different way.

The same logic can be applied to masks. A year ago, before the Covid-19 pandemic, our perception of masks was completely related to something worn by doctors or nurses in hospitals, but that’s not true anymore. 

Masks slowly have become a fashion statement of our personality.

Tabio Comfortable Mask Collection is a selection of four masks, now available in tabiouk website. Let’s check them out!

3D Soft Fit Comfort Mask

The three dimensional cotton mask, made from a sock knitting machine, can be washed and reused. Sewed in three dimensions, it is large enough to cover your face. The mask fits women and men. The elastic knot can be hidden in the mask.

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Lacy Cool Comfort Mask

The lacy cool mask is made with antibacterial and deodorant processed yarn. Thanks to the presence of soft cupra, that gives an excellent moisture absorption and desorption, this mask is more comfortable than a cotton one. Stretchy lace is used on the surface of the mask. The mask will make you feel cool and comfortable. Put it in a washing net during the washing process.

This style is available in 4 colours.

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Face Coverings


Cool Comfort Mask

The cool comfort mask is similar to the Lacy Cool Comfort Mask, but in a plain style.The presence of soft cupra, gives an excellent moisture absorption and desorption. More comfortable than a cotton mask, this face covering will keep you cool and comfortable. Available in size M (041000074) and L (041000075).

This style is available in 3 colours.

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Covering our face has become essential and mandatory for public safety, but with nearly all our face covered it is hard to bring out our personality. 

With a special pattern or design, you can bring out a bit of you and at the same time comply with public safety.

Masks have come to stay for a long time in our life, something you always need to check before going out, so don’t let it cover your personality but make it a statement of who you are.

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