What you need to pack for a Summer Holiday

Winter is finally over, and Summer is on it's way!

After a couple of years of travel ban, holidays abroad are back this year. That can only mean that it is time to pack for a long awaited trip away. 

Packing sometimes can be the hardest thing when you really just want to rush to your destination.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with your holiday packing list so that you can ensure to have everything you need ready for your holiday.

Whether you are travelling to a romantic destination, a beach trip with friends or city sightseeing, we have prepared a packing list for every occasion so that you will always know what to put in your suitcase.

The socks for city sightseeing

Are you planning on going city sightseeing this Summer? London, Paris, Rome are beautiful cities on everyone's bucket list. While walking around the city checking cool attractions or visiting new places you can get pretty tired. Your feet will start to throb and sweat, at the end of the day you will be completely exhausted. Before you start sightseeing, it is important that you pick the right shoes and socks.

Don’t panic, check below our socks suggestions for a comfortable walk around the city.


Invisible Plain 5 Toe No-Show Socks

The no-show socks are made from the finest cotton blend. Thanks to the moisture wicking function and the deodorant effect, your feet will be nice and dry. Toe socks have grown in popularity around the world thanks to their many benefits: separated toes reduce bacteria's ability to grow and develop common ailments, including odour issue and they make your feet feel fresh and free.




Colour Outlined Tabi Socks

Cotton sneaker socks in a Tabi style. The cotton yarn used is excellent in its moisture and sweat wicking, keeping your feet dry.


The socks for a beach holiday

After a full year working from home or at the office, a bit of sun and beach is what you need to relax and to regain your energy. 

Socks on a beach holiday? Well, most people would think that’s very weird yet, there are benefits to wearing socks on a long and hot day under the sun. 

Our suggestion is toe bands. Made with breathable and soft material such as cotton and linen, toe bands will protect your feet while wearing open shoes, like sandals. The heat makes your feet sweat and the friction between the skin and the sandal will cause the creation of painful blisters. Toe bands will come to the rescue by helping prevent the creation of blisters.

Check below our toe band selection for this Summer.

Leopard Toe Band



Plain Thong

The socks for mountain hiking

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Taking long walks through a nature area or up a mountain is thrilling but quite exhausting, if you don’t wear the right socks.

Tabio’s Racing Run Nano Grip Toe Socks are the perfect choice for mountain hiking.

Made from a high grip fabric, that helps prevent the misalignment not only between the socks and the shoes but also between the socks and the sole of the feet. Extremely comfortable for runners, these socks have an antibacterial and deodorant function. A recycled polyester is used to make the socks more sustainable.

Available in three sizes. 

The socks for a romantic destination

If you are planning to go on a romantic getaway with your other half, you should bring with you a smart outfit for a candlelight dinner. 

Sheer socks are a great pick for a romantic night out. Both elegant and comfortable, they will elevate your style with a sophisticated touch. 

Check out Tabio Summer Sheer Socks Collection and pick your favourite for a night out!


Socks to wear in an airplane

If you are planning to take a long flight this Summer, a pair of compression socks are a must have item in your packing list. 

Our compression socks are recommended for those who suffer from stuffiness and tiredness in the feet, ankle and calf. They present a gradual compression from the calf to the ankle which will improve your blood circulation while staying seated for long hours.


A staple in your packing list: Face Covers

Face covers are not mandatory anymore, however regulations change from country to country. Always bring one with you while you are travelling, you never know when you will need it!

Tabio face covers are made with antibacterial and deodorant processed yarn. Thanks to the presence of soft cupra that gives an excellent moisture absorption and desorption, our cool comfort mask is more comfortable than any cotton one.


Find out more about travel socks with Tabio Travel Collection!


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