Why You Should Wear Tabi Socks

Have you ever tried Tabi socks? 

Tabi are traditional Japanese socks worn with traditional Japanese sandals. Tabi socks present a split-toe and they are commonly white. They are worn by both men and women with traditional Japanese clothings, such as kimonos, in formal circumstances, like tea ceremonies. 

However, lately they have grown more popular. Different materials and colours are used to make modern tabi socks, to be worn with a casual look. 

Thanks to the new modern five-toe variation, they have become extremely popular around the world. 

Their growth in popularity is due to the many benefits that come with wearing tabi socks. 

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of tabi socks:

  • Foot Optimisation

Tabi socks promote the total use of the foot. By aligning your feet and toes, tabi socks not only prevent toe malformations caused by tight shoes, but they also help the proper distribution of the weight on the foot, which enable the optimisation and total engagement of the foot while walking.

Toe freedom brings awareness to the feet, improves the posture and the blood circulation.


  • Moisture Management

The separation of the toes reduces bacteria's ability to grow and develop common ailments, including odour issues.  This will keep your feet drier and more comfortable than in traditional socks.

Moreover, separated toes help your feet feel cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, without the need for bulky socks or keeping the toes rigid.

  • Blister Prevention 

The modern five-toe variation helps the prevention of blisters. By preventing the friction of toes touching between each other, the risk of blisters or “hot” spots  is completely eliminated.


Recently, tabi socks have become more popular for sports activities, such as running. All their benefits will help enhance and improve your running.

Tabio’s Running Socks are available in a tabi or five-toe shape and for both men and women. 

You can wear tabi not only with sandals, but even with sneakers or smart shoes like high heels. 

If you have never tried tabi socks, you will definitely be surprised by their comfortability. 


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