What is Everyone Wearing At Wimbledon?

As the iconic grass court tennis championship, Wimbledon represents a time-honored tradition of athleticism, elegance, and prestige. While players dazzle us with their skills on the court, there's another aspect of their attire that deserves attention: their socks.

Traditions of Tennis Socks

The roots of Wimbledon socks can be traced back to the early 20th century when tennis became a widely popular sport. Initially, players wore regular cotton socks, but as the sport gained momentum, specific socks for tennis started to emerge.

Wimbledon's strict dress code has always emphasized the importance of a well-groomed appearance on the court. This encouraged players to pay attention to their attire, and socks became an essential part of their ensemble. Over the years, Wimbledon socks have evolved from simple cotton designs to more sophisticated, performance-enhancing options. The best pairing for Wimbledon socks are classic white trainers, loafers and sandals.

Read on to find our highlights on what everyone is wearing to Wimbledon 2023!

Classic Sports

To kickstart Wimbledon, nothing pays a better homage than the classic athletic wear, whether it encourages you to practice or pick up the tennis racket for the first time.

Pair white rib or plain socks with an ankle or crew length.

Match the Look:

White Rib Socks

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Power Blazer

Best dressed can certainly go to Princess Kate Middleton, who pairs a pastel green blazer with a classic frill skirt. Similar to the annual Ascots, pair your classic and elevated blazers with midi dresses and skirts to create a staple look.

Our sheer floral socks would add a perfect touch to an outfit like this.

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Botanical Flower Crew Socks

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Midi Dresses

Wimbledon has been known to have a strict dress code, babydoll dresses with a splash of colour will make your dress stand out from the grassy scene below.

Although there is a larger theme on white coloured wear, why not try something different. Green, Blues, Pink, the more pastel the better.

Match the Look:

Sheer Panel Dots Low Crew Socks

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Power Suit

Nothing beats a classic 2 piece or even 3 piece suit, these men have beautifully paired a combination of multi stripe and classic beige suits. Take a risk and add bright colourful trousers or shoes for a special touch.

Our Powerfit range are breathable, vibrant and eye catching.

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Choosing the Right Wimbledon and Tennis Socks:

Material Matters: The choice of material can greatly impact your performance and comfort on the court. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics like nylon, polyester, or a blend with spandex to keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of blisters.

Arch Support and Cushioning: Tennis is a demanding sport that requires quick movements and sudden stops. Look for socks with proper arch support and cushioning to reduce fatigue and protect your feet from potential injuries.

Length and Fit: Wimbledon socks typically come in various lengths - ankle, crew, or knee-high. Choose the length that suits your preferences and offers the right level of support. Additionally, ensure that the socks fit snugly to prevent slipping and bunching inside your tennis shoes.

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