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86 Dark blue Plain Anti-Odour Trainer Socks
43 Trad red
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Plain Trainer Socks L


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Introducing our Deodorant Plain Trainer Socks, the ultimate fusion of comfort, hygiene, and style for your active lifestyle. These trainer socks are meticulously designed to keep your feet feeling fresh, dry, and comfortable throughout the day, no matter how demanding your activities.

  1. Anti-Odour Technology: Our innovative anti-odour technology is woven into the fabric, effectively combating odours and ensuring your feet stay fresh and odour-free, even during intense workouts.

  2. Moisture-Wicking: Say goodbye to sweaty feet. These trainer socks feature advanced moisture-wicking properties that pull sweat away from your skin, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

  3. Cushioned Sole: Enjoy exceptional comfort with a cushioned sole that provides extra support and absorbs impact, making them perfect for workouts, running, or simply long days on your feet.

  4. Breathable Mesh: Strategically placed breathable mesh panels enhance airflow, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal foot temperature.

  5. Arch Support: These socks feature built-in arch support to reduce fatigue and provide extra stability during physical activities.

  6. Seamless Design: With a seamless toe and heel construction, you'll experience minimal friction and irritation, ensuring a blister-free experience.

  7. Stay-Put Fit: Designed to stay in place, these trainer socks have a secure fit with a snug, non-slip cuff, so you can focus on your activities without adjusting your socks constantly.

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